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The Model

True Horizon is a unique kind of apologetics website. You will find arguments and evidence in defense of the Christian worldview here but you will also find a clear and accessible model that will help you visualize and apply that defense to the world in which you actually live. Here’s how:

Part of what it means to understand the Christian worldview is recognizing that the reality in which we find ourselves is made up of two different kinds of things. The first are foundational and readily apparent – the physical world (which we experience through our five senses all the time), and the rational world (which we also experience through our capacity to engage in reason and logic). These combine to make up what most of us refer to when we talk about the “real world.” I’m going to refer to this as the Ground.



AfghanistanBecause the material world is right in front of us, many of us are lured into believing it is the only thing that’s real. We get caught up in our material existence, convinced that being thoughtful and serious means being highly skeptical of anything that can’t be proven in a lab. We see the world as a purely physical place where our ability to use reason and science provides us with the only answers to life’s questions that count.

No doubt, studying the universe is a fascinating adventure in discovery, and the discoveries we make tell us a lot about how the world we live in works. But there is more to it than that, and while the pursuit of truth should be our primary mission in life, we have to realize that truth is not something we can only discover under a microscope. Knowing true things is what makes life safe but truth is not isolated to the physical world. In fact, the most important things we know and experience are not part of the physical world at all.

There are concrete facts that we discover about the world around us. These are truths that are not up to us to decide for ourselves, the world imposes them on us. These things serve as the foundation for understanding everything we know. The material world is obviously a part of this foundation but, whether we admit it or not, we are also constrained by the hard realities of real things that lie outside our physical grasp.

So perhaps that ancient trinity of Truth, Goodness and Beauty is not simply an empty, faded formula as we thought in the days of our self-confident, materialistic youth?

~ Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn


IMG_1388The second kind of thing may not seem as apparent to us but it is real nonetheless. All of us have a sense that there is much more to our existence than the stuff we can see, taste, touch, smell, or hear. Our bodies change throughout our lives, but our sense of “self” remains intact. In other words, we seem to be creatures that have souls, and minds, and spirits. We experience love, and joy, and hope. None of these are physical – we can’t weigh or measure any of them – but all of them are real. I’ll refer to these things as the Sky.

We recognize things like souls and consciousness, ideas and concepts, laws of logic and nature, values and morals – even if we lack an explanation for how or why they exist. These are the things that make life rich and meaningful. We literally can’t live without them but it is an error in thinking to keep them in isolation.

Some people believe that focusing on the higher, more spiritual, things releases them from the shackles of science and reason. The New Age gurus and mystics are the most obvious examples of this kind of thinking, but even many who cling to orthodox religion are proud to proclaim that they “just have faith” – that they take solace in believing things regardless of the evidence. This, they think, is what makes them spiritual. If the world accuses them of living with their heads in the clouds, they are hard-pressed to argue otherwise. Some find no reason to even try; they wear it as a badge of honor.

“There is a sense of exhilaration in flying through the free air, an intensity of enjoyment, which possibly may be due to the satisfaction of an inborn longing transmitted to us from the days when our early ancestors gazed wonderingly at the free flight of birds and contrasted it with their own slow and toilsome progress through the unbroken wilderness … men have never ceased to envy the birds and long for the day when they too might rise above the dust or mud of the highways and fly through the clean air of the heavens.”

~ Wilbur Wright


The Horizon Line

IMG_1216Most of us have either consciously or unconsciously accepted a view of the world that divides and isolates the Ground from the Sky. Consequently, we end up trying to live our lives based on an incomplete view of reality. We disconnect the foundational principles that define how the world actually is from the Christian view of what it means to be “spiritual.” We separate our intellect from our faith.

Too many people in the pews glide through life on the wings of a detached anti-intellectualism, while too many apologists for the Christian view of the world have become content with presenting a cerebral body of information in defense of a passionless faith.

We need to be grounded in the truth but also free to engage our souls. We need our minds connected to our hearts.

And this is where the True Horizon comes in. My aim is to pursue a holistic view of reality that makes sense of both.

When you fly airplanes, the horizon line is the most important reference you have for doing so safely – an independent standard for everything that is important in a pilot’s world. It orients him properly to the ground and sky. It is so important; airplanes have flight instruments that exist solely to reproduce it when the pilot can’t see it out the window.

The horizon line doesn’t divide anything. It is the place where Ground and Sky connect.

As a professional aviator and Christian apologist, I have come to see authentic Christian living in those terms – as a safe but adventurous flight through life. My mission in the pages that follow is to inject some energy into the foundational issues have too-long been ignored, while at the same time wrestling a capricious, free-floating spirituality back down to earth. I aim to show that the world we have effectively split apart is really meant to be fused together at the place where ground and sky meet – the horizon line – and to see what things would look like if we really lived our lives there.

This website exists to challenge all of us on the big Truth issues that are facing us; to see them in the culture; to recognize how they have infiltrated the church; to confront the way the world has taught us to think, and to stop the degenerative process that threatens to engulf us all in a sea of groundless, secular relativism.

But it is meant to do more than that.

It is meant to take the arguments for God’s existence beyond the realm of mere intellectual assent and make them apply to how we should be living our lives if those arguments are actually true. The result is an outlook on the world that makes sense because it is grounded in objective reality, and makes a difference because it results in a life lived with an accurate and meaningful view of spirituality. The two are not mutually exclusive.


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