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My readers value an honest pursuit of the truth. They take the time to think about the most important things in life. They want their view of the world to be accurate. Most are followers of Jesus of Nazareth because they believe he represented the truth in what he said, in what he did, and, most importantly, in who he was. But, even if they’re not Christians, they are willing to consider evidence and follow that evidence wherever it leads. They may have questions, but they aren’t afraid to hear answers they may not have ever considered before. They are not the type of people who:

… live without a thought for the final end of life, drifting wherever their inclinations and pleasures may take them, without reflection or anxiety, as if they could annihilate eternity by keeping their minds off it.

~ Blaise Pascal


Does this resonate with you?

Even when you wrestle with doubt, or become disheartened by the resistance you face from the world around you:

    • Are you hungry for the truth?
    • Are you frustrated by a culture that seems to be more hostile to your faith?
    • Do you want to be able to articulate your beliefs with confidence and grace?
    • Do know that you believe but need more depth of knowledge to explain why you believe it?
    • Do you wonder if you’re equipped to prepare your kids for the world that awaits them when they leave your home?


You Are Not Alone

The sense of urgency you feel about getting on your game concerning matters of faith is real and growing. The culture we live in demands more than ever that we “always be prepared to give an answer to anyone who asks us about the reason for the hope that we have,” but it also demands consistency. The way we live and present our convictions had better match the truth we claim to believe.

True Horizon exists to empower you for both.

Like many sources for defending one’s Christian convictions, my aim is to provide you with information about the truth of the Christian view of the world, but it is much more than that. I want to help you convert that information into personal transformation by:

      • Inspiring you to defend and live out what you claim to believe
      • Equipping you to engage the culture with confidence and grace


Thinking Aloud

Yes, it’s a play on words. Many Christians have been programmed to believe that asking hard questions about their faith is a sign of or spiritual immaturity. But nothing could be further from the truth. True Horizon is a place where any question is fair game and thinking is always allowed.

Each section of the site contains stories and commentaries that demonstrate or illustrate how the Christian narrative matches the story of reality, and that this is what makes the Christianity true. These essays reflect the fact that Christianity offers a properly integrated picture of the world in which we find ourselves. They demonstrate that the Christian view of faith is really about conviction based on trust, not some kind of blind leap in the dark.


Accessing Usable Content

In order to simplify your access to the True Horizon content, I have categorized it into four basic areas:


This section of the site deals with tangible evidence that points to the existence of God. It will explore any area of scientific exploration of the universe we live in, including biology, astronomy, physics, chemistry, history, and archaeology. Here you will find both theoretical and fact-based implications in support of the case for theism in general and Christianity in particular, as well as critiques of the assumptions of the atheist/materialist view of the world.


The universe we live in is logical. It is moral. We comprehend it as conscious, rational beings. The most important aspects of reality are the things we cannot see, taste, touch, hear, or smell. These are the things that make life meaningful. This section of the site will focus on matters of truth, goodness, beauty that form the foundation for our ability to understand and operate in the world. It will also explore matters of ethics and spirituality that flow from a careful, accurate analysis of the biblical text.


This is where Ground and Sky meet — where scientific implications about reality connect with our human experience as rational, spiritual beings. This section will include essays, practical advice, outlines, teaching guides, and templates for evaluating, discussing, instructing, and applying the Christian worldview to life in the real world. Because the culture is the place where what we believe about reality is reflected and played out, this is also where you will find analysis of cultural trends that tell us a lot about the nature and reliability of our worldview.


Here you will find evidence and arguments for issues surrounding human life and rights. These are the foundation for all other rights and are grounded in what Christian theism refers to as being “made in the image of God,” the imago Dei. This section of the site will be devoted to defending the nature and value of human life at all stages of development using science and philosophy with truth and grace.

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