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Study Resources

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 6.46.15 PMIs Christianity True?

This eBook is a collection of essays by several apologists that was edited by Brian Auten of Apologetics315.comMy contribution, “Defrocking the Priests of Scientism,” begins on page 35.


Getting To God — A basic look at worldview and the scientific evidence for the existence of God.

Dual Revelation — An introduction to understanding how we should approach relationship between science and theology.

Creation’s Common Ground — There is an ongoing debate within Christianity about whether the universe is old or new. It’s a debate we should all find interesting, but while we’re debating it, we need to keep our eyes on the big picture and not lose sight of what both “Old Earthers” and “Young Earthers” agree about. What’s most important is not when God created, but that He did.

“Thinker, Sailor, Lawyer, Guy: A Study of the Life of the Apostle Paul” — A 12-lesson outline (with links to cited resources) that can be used for personal study or to lead a class. This is a detailed study guide with links to purchase the accompanying DVD and books that were used to compile it. Each lesson includes a video excerpt from the DVD with specific time segments to show that go along with the given lesson.


Magazine Articles

“Time To Move Along”











On Margaret Sanger's ConsequentialismMargaret Sanger: No Gods No Masters






You Say You Want a RevolutionYou Say You Want A Revolution?






Personhood's Fatal FlawPersonhood’s Fatal Flaw





Justice & Asymmetric WarfareJustice and Asymmetric Warfare


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