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Stand To Reason — The ministry of Greg Koukl, one of the most effective communicators of the Christian worldview I have ever heard. The Stand To Reason website includes thousands of pages of material on every topic you can imagine, a podcast that I listen to religiously, video responses to questions, a youth-specific section, and a blog.

Life Training Institute — The pro-life ministry of Scott Klusendorf, a good friend of mine and one of the most gifted pro-life apologists in the world. LTI’s website includes video and written responses to various pro-life topics, contact information to book Scott to speak to your pro-life group, and a list of other speakers who are available. The Life Training Institute demonstrates how to persuasively deliver the pro-life message and they do it better than anyone else out there.

Reasons To Believe — If you are looking for scientific evidence and explanations for the Christian worldview, there is no better place to go than Reasons To Believe. The RTB staff is headed by Dr. Hugh Ross and Dr. Fazale (“Fuz”) Rana, and includes PhD level scientists that cover every field of scientific inquiry, and a staff philosopher to boot. My “go-to” place for scientific apologetics.

CrossExamined — The ministry of Frank Turek, a powerful communicator who is happy to enter the thick of the battle on college campuses around the country with a content-heavy message about the truth of Christianity. Frank’s mission is to do something concrete about the fact that 75% of our youth who have been brought up in the church leave it after they leave home. Hard hitting and entertaining, Dr. Turek’s website, blog, podcast, and books offer powerful support for engaging the culture at every level.

PleaseConvinceMe — You may have seen L.A. detective J. Warner Wallace on NBC’s “Dateline” program solving cold-case murders, but what you may not know is that he is also a superb former-atheist-turned-Christian-apologist who applies his cold-case investigative skills to analyzing the truth of Christianity. Jim is a gifted speaker whose blog, podcast, and books offer a fascinating approach to the defense of the faith.

Apologetics 315 — A directory of information that includes links to apologetics-related websites, interviews, book deals, debates, and media of all kinds. Host Brian Auten is the master of compiling information that you can use in every area you can imagine.

Reasonable Faith — This website is a more scholarly place to find detailed philosophical thinking about all the biggest questions we ask. Dr. William Lane Craig is probably the world’s premier Christian philosopher. His website offers a wealth of information in various media forms and includes an ongoing Questions & Answers section that is a Christian apologetics gold mine.


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