Meet J. Warner Wallace

Christian Case-Maker

If you haven’t heard of J. Warner (Jim) Wallace, do yourself a favor and bookmark his website: Cold Case Christianity. It is a fantastic resource, and Jim is a fantastic apologist whose clarity and attitude should inspire us all to “bloom where we’re planted” as defenders of our Christian convictions. Jim is a retired cold-case detective from the Los Angeles police department who has been featured on several segments of NBC’s Dateline for solving murder cases many years after others gave up on them. Jim used to be a self-described “obstinate atheist” who looked at Christianity as a myth and Christian believers as intellectually weak fools.

Then he applied his cold-case detective skills to a study of the Christian faith. The result is that Jim has developed an engaging, unique approach to Christian apologetics.

I was inspired by his newest book, Forensic Faith, to begin a series of blog posts meant to address the challenges he makes to all believers and apply them to my little corner of the world. Look for those posts to begin in the very near future. In the meantime, I would encourage anyone to pick up his previous books and use them as references for the material I will be discussing. All are excellent.

Cold Case Christianity puts Jim’s experience and expertise as a cold case homicide detective in Los Angeles to work to analyze the evidence for Christianity. It discusses the reliability of the New Testament documents and the “chain of custody” we have that authenticates both the authors and the information contained within them.

God’s Crime Scene is a more general treatment of the case for theism — for the existence of a God who created and interacts with the world. It covers the scientific evidence for a timeless, spaceless, immaterial, conscious, moral Creator.

Forensic Faith is a call to own our faith and commit to passing it on. The biggest takeaway is that we have got to stop teaching, and start training the next generation to be prepared for the antagonistic culture that awaits them.

Alive: A Cold Case Approach To The Resurrection is pretty self-explanatory

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