“I consider Bob Perry one of the most insightful lay apologists I’ve ever met. I can’t wait until he can lay aside his airline captain status and start leading Christians out of the intellectual wilderness. He embodies a perfect mix of compelling content and gracious manners, exactly what ambassadors for Jesus Christ should model for a skeptical world … To the extent that you trust my work please trust his. This man is exactly the kind of Christian you want defending the faith.”

Scott Klusendorf
President, Life Training Institute



“Your presentation was articulate, winsome, accessible and conversational. Our students raved about what you have to say and found it both encouraging in their own faith journey and helpful in equipping them to have more informed dialogue with others from diverse perspectives regarding science and faith. Several students told me they really appreciated the content and how you deliver it, and asked when you could come back and speak again. Outstanding job.”

Evan R. Griffin
Navigators Area Representative, University of Cincinnati



“Things you shared with us continued to come up — days after you left — the things you hit on and the strategies you offered were very valuable … Your love and passion for THE TRUTH is contagious.”

Kim Stone
Advanced Biology Teacher, Cincinnati Christian Schools


“Bob Perry’s presentation to the Youth For Life of Northeast Ohio fall workshop was inspirational and invigorating to the students AND their parents. Their Christian principles were re-affirmed, and his presentation gave them terrific tools to use from them to be role models to their peers in our mission to restore a culture of life to our country.”

Denise Leipold
Executive Director, Right to Life of Northeast Ohio



“Your lessons on humanism have been extremely effective in helping us see some of the insidious ways in which humanism creeps into our lives. As ever, you presented information in a way that taught us and made us think. This week I spoke with two prospective families that asked how we addressing evolution or how we were aligning secular textbooks with our faith. Both families were impressed when they learned that the staff was receiving training on countering worldviews and had just finished a series on evolution. I wanted to let you know that your lessons are valuable to us and truly help us on a personal level and as a school.”

Donna Hempelmann
Principal, Cincinnati Christian Elementary School



“I didn’t know why I was pro-life before, but now I do … you clarified my questions about the abortion debate. It was great to learn how to argue for my position, not just as a Christian, but as a thinking person … I loved how you taught us how to handle objections and arguments in any situation. Your class on ‘Defending Life’ was very helpful and made me more confident … I actually learned how to use this information to fight against abortion. You were the best speaker we’ve had yet.”

High School Student Comments
Liberty Heights Church, Liberty Township, Ohio


“Thank you for coming and talking with all of us. It was really helpful to have biochemistry and intelligent design broken down to a level we could understand. What great conversations my daughter and I have had since!”

Val Brown
Linworth Cottage Homeschool Co-op, Columbus, Ohio



“Mr. Perry was a fantastic speaker. He held our attention — funny, engaging, serious. I could have listened all day! We need Mr. Perry to speak more often!! I would love to have him at our school once-a-month for parents and students. So glad he was a part of our in-service.”

Teacher Attendee
Teacher In-Service Training, Cincinnati Christian Schools



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