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"Train A Child Up In The Way They Should Go ..."

For parents of younger children who may consider the task of preparing them to engage an antagonistic culture to be a daunting proposition, fear not! You are not alone. But don’t wait for others to fulfill your responsibilities as a parent. And please keep in mind several undeniable facts that are applicable to the statistics we have about number of young adults (currently around 65% – 75%) who leaving the church after they leave home for work or for college:

  1. The younger they are taught how to think about and defend their faith, the more likely they are to persist in it when they get older.
  2. Young people have questions about their faith and they will seek answers. They can get those answers from you or from someone you don’t even know. You decide.
  3. Young adults do not like to read. If you just give them a book, chances are they probably will not read it.
  4. In general, the church’s success at preparing kids for the cultural challenges they will face when they leave home is abysmal. Maybe your church is different but don’t bet your kids’ life on it.
  5. Don’t trust your school, church, or youth leader to teach your kids to understand and defend their faith. It is your responsibility.

With that in mind, here are some excellent resources to help you prepare your kids to meet the world that is waiting for them:

Cold Case Christianity For Kids shows kids how to think and applies those techniques to an investigation of the evidence for Christianity.

God’s Crime Scene For Kids introduces the concept of examining evidence and applies it to the way we should consider the evidence we find in the world around us.

If you have read, or heard about, Lee Strobel’s classic “The Case For …” book series, you should also be thrilled to hear that there are companion volumes for kids.

The Case For Christ For Kids

The Case for A Creator For Kids

The Case For Faith For Kids

All of the above are designed for kids age 8 – 12 and all are excellent, interactive resources.

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