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My Story

Many years ago, I was challenged to seriously consider the Christian worldview by a guy whose zeal for defending his own convictions obliged me to not only reflect on his point of view, but to ask myself some uncomfortable questions about my own. He was someone who had pondered life’s most difficult subjects. I wasn’t.

He was compelling, courteous, and confident. I was defensive.

He didn’t knock on my front door, or hand me a pamphlet, or accost me on the street. He didn’t invite me to go anywhere with him or encourage me to make a decision about what he had just told me. He just asked me questions that forced me to think for myself.

Our memorable encounter occurred at 3:00 am amid the hum of electronics and the muted glow of an array of displays. I was in the cockpit of a commercial airliner at 35,000 feet over the plains of Kansas.

He was an atheist.

I had called myself a Christian all my life.

That incident forever changed my approach to understanding Christianity. I had always been quick to say that I believed the Christian message was true, but my fellow pilot was asking a different question … he wanted to know why. His challenge shook me to the core, but it also motivated me to dig in and find some answers.


My Content

For years, it has been my passion to investigate the evidence, clarify my thinking, and articulate the truth claims of Christianity. My mission is to help like-minded believers do the same. True Horizon is place to share what I have discovered and help you apply it to the way you live your life if it is true. Primarily, I write about the scientific, philosophical, and ethical evidence for the Christian view of the world, and about defending the nature and value of human life at all stages. Sometimes, I write about stuff that doesn’t fit neatly into these categories. You can explore that more on my Start Here page. In general though, I hope to empower you to understand and apply these ideas to the life you are busy living.


My Background

I bring a unique background to the defense of the Christian worldview and I try to present that defense in a unique way that draws from both my apologetics and aviation experience.


  • M. A. Christian Apologetics (Highest Honors), Biola University
  • B. S. Aerospace Engineering, United States Naval Academy

I have written for several magazines, including the Christian Research Journal, Touchstone, The Lookout, Marriage Partnership, The Family Digest, and Airline Pilot magazines.

I have spoken to thousands of people about defending their Christian convictions, especially in the area of the sanctity of human life.

I have taught hundreds of students and adults about all aspects of the defense of Christianity in the areas of science, philosophy, ethics, and the reliability of the Bible.



My Approach

I am a generalist. If I specialize in anything it is in simplifying the message – in showing how Christianity succeeds in integrating the many aspects of reality into a coherent picture of the world as we find it.

I don’t communicate with religious jargon. I’m not trying to impress people with what I know. I’m trying to empower anyone who takes their faith seriously to apply that faith to their own little sphere of influence.

I am available to speak, teach, or lead discussions with your church, school, youth group, or adult Bible classes and address topics as diverse as:

  • Making The Case For Life
  • A Rumor of War: The Mythical Battle Between Science & Faith
  • What’s Genesis Got To Do With It?: The Case For Creation
  • Why Evil & Suffering?
  • Can We Trust The Bible?
  • The Case For Miracles
  • The Case For Intelligent Design
  • The Case For the Resurrection of Jesus
  • Engaging The Culture: The Model of Paul on Mars Hill



I have been married to Mary, my high school sweetheart, since 1985. We have five grown sons. I have run marathons but stick to golf these days. I enjoy reading, teaching, and writing. I still love to fly and have spent much of my last 35 years on this planet looking down on it from above. Doing so offers me not only an incredible office view, but a unique perspective for my ministry, and an awestruck appreciation for my Creator.



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