Origins: Cosmological Argument

Beginnings Require Beginners

For a more general discussion of how the origin of the universe gives strong evidence in support of a theistic God, those who don’t already have it can download my document, “Getting To God,” from the resource page elsewhere on the True Horizon website (Directly available here: “Getting To God Download”)

Instead of reinventing that wheel here, I would like to offer a brief overview of the most powerful arguments on this topic and some links to video and other resources I have found helpful. Readers can pursue whichever ones they would like to know more about.

As the subtitle of the post puts it succinctly, beginnings require beginners. Effects require causes. Events don’t just occur without something to make them happen. The universe is not exempt from these facts.

With that in mind, the three most powerful and simple arguments you should be familiar with are:

  • The Cosmological Argument (The Big Bang)
  • The Second Law of Thermodynamics
  • Aristotle’s Unmoved Mover

The first two are scientific; the third is philosophical. Don’t get scared off by “Aristotle” or “philosophical.” The concept is simple to comprehend and actually the most indisputable of the three. As someone interested in defending a theistic view of the world, being able to discuss each of these should become second nature to you.

I will discuss each argument in a separate post to avoid being cumbersome.

Big Bang Cosmology

For thousands of years and with few exceptions, the consensus view of the universe was that it was “static and eternal.”

  • “Static” – while we observed things moving around in the heavens, the common assumption was that the universe itself was not moving at all. It was thought of as a giant “blob” of space that contained all the heavenly objects within it. The blob didn’t move or change; the stuff we could see just swirled around inside it.
  • “Eternal” – the universe had always been here. It had no beginning or end, it just “was.”

No one had much reason to question this view until Albert Einstein came along with his Theory of General Relativity (GR). GR was his attempt to find an explanation for gravity. The mathematics of the problem led him to discover a connection between matter, energy, space, and time. His equations made sense of everything, with one exception.

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Defending Life

On The 45th Anniversary of Roe-v-Wade

January 22nd marks the 45th anniversary of what I consider to be the most dreadful Supreme Court decision in U.S. history. Since 1973, it has directly resulted in the deaths of nearly 60 million unborn children. For that reason, I would like to encourage everyone to consider how well you are able to defend the pro-life view — not in anger, but with an equal mix of truth and grace. If you’re anything like me, you could always improve your game and I would like to offer you help in doing so.

The links below are to two invaluable books that will equip you to make the case for the pro-life view in an easy-to-understand, very relatable way. One (The Case For Life), is for anyone. The other (Stand For Life) is intended specifically for high school and college age students. Both are the work of my friend, Scott Klusendorf, who is probably the most effective pro-life apologist in the country. You can order them directly from at the links at the bottom of this post.

If you live in the Cincinnati area, I will be conducting a pro-life training seminar at my home church on February 11, 2018. Anyone is welcome to attend.

“Making The Case For Life”
5962 Hamilton-Mason Road | Liberty Township, Ohio | 45069
Upper Worship Center
12:00 pm | February 11, 2018
Topics to be discussed
  • Is the Bible silent on the issue of abortion?
  • How do we make the case for life with those who don’t care what the Bible says about anything?
  • How do we clarify what we mean by moral reasoning?
  • What is the “One Question” that really matters in the abortion debate?
  • What makes human beings valuable?
  • How do we handle common objections to the pro-life view?
  • What is our duty?